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n Municipal Environmental Conference, Workshop and Exhibition

Kuwait Municipality would like to organaize Municipal Environmental Conference, Workshop and Exhibition 2-4, June, 2009.

The Conference will cover three main topics as follows:

  1. Municipal waste management.
  2. Rules and regulations for building codes and visual pollution.
  3. Miscellaneous environmental issues (telecommunication hazards, and beach pollution).

The Conference will strive to bring together different perspectives and disciplines. All details of the Conference can be found on our web site: http:// www.baladia.gov.kw.
The Conference organizing committee is seeking your participation for the proficient running of this valuable event. The sponsorship of this event or its sessions will enable your organization to reach the most knowledgeable and influential people in a variety of fields. It would be an excellent opportunity to introduce and educate attendees about your organization, as well as showcase your products or services.
We look forward to have your participation for the success of this unique event.
For any query, please contact Mr. Nasser Al-Shaiji +965 25323273
e-mail: envconf@baladia.gov.kw

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